Pastor Accused Of Raping Two Year Old Female Pupil Photo

Physinews:This is disturbing; I don’t teach sex education—ACCUSED

:He said no one will believe me— PUPIL’S MOTHER

A 46-year-old Pastor and Supervisor with Chrisland International School, Lagos, Adegboyiga Adenikun, has been arrested for allegedly defiling a girl of less than three years, under the guise of teaching sex education.

The girl, said to be two years and 10 months old, identified as Damisi, is a pupil of the school.

The suspect, who was paraded yesterday by the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni, denied the allegation. According to him, “on Friday, November 11, I received a call around 8a.m. from one Mrs. Oladapo, and she identified herself as Damisi’s mother. She alleged that I sexually abused her daughter.

I asked her when and where it happened. She told me that she wanted the matter to remain between two of us and that she had not even told her husband. Few minutes after that, she sent a text message, saying she still wanted me to remain friendly with her daughter because she knew her daughter held me in high esteem.

I got a call the following day from a man who identified himself as Mr. Oladapo; it was an international call. The man also claimed that I assaulted her daughter sexually. I told him that I did not know what he was talking about. “I then told him that even a day earlier, his wife called me and said the same thing.

I asked how could this happen in a nursery school where no one picks the children except the parents? “I have never been alone with this girl. I have never bought any gift for her, and I had never taken her out anywhere. The man ended the call when I told him all these. “Immediately, I called my Head Teacher, Mrs. Azike, and told her the allegation I got from the parents, which I knew nothing about.

I have been married for 15 years with children. I was disturbed, when she said I did this to her daughter and she still wanted me to remain friendly with her daughter. How could I have sexually abused your daughter and you still said I should remain friendly with her? “Which mother is going to take that? The girl’s teacher also said nothing of such happened and that the girl never left her custody.
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This girl comes to school with the school bus and goes with same when it is one o’clock, while I close by 4p.m. “I am a supervisor in that school. I move around and I do not teach. So, the allegation that I teach the children sex education is so disturbing to me. “I have never taught that girl, I have never taught in that class. Her mother could not tell me exactly when this alleged abuse happened. But she said she took the girl to one private hospital and it was confirmed that the girl was abused.

She also said it happened in my school and in my office to be precise. But in my office, there are other supervisors and ladies are in that office. I do not share toilet with them. I go outside to use the male toilet, which other male staff use.” He said that he was told he failed the lie detector test, but that he had never heard of polygraph until the test was conducted.

He said: “I do not know where all these are coming from. I know that the God almighty that I serve is going to vindicate me.” A mother’s story On her part, Mrs Oladapo, the girl’s mother, said: “When I took my daughter to the toilet, she told me that someone put his ‘wee-wee’ inside her ‘wee-wee,’ referring to her private part.

And when I asked her who the aggressor was, she said it was one Mr. Adenikun, the school teacher.” According to her, she later called the Pastor and narrated what she heard from her daughter but was not willing to take the case further. She said she advised him to be friendly with her daughter, so that she would not feel dejected.

Provoked by the man’s response that “nobody would believe her story,” she decided to report the matter to the school authority, but the school said the man could not have done that because he is a pastor. This was after she claimed to have taken her daughter to a private hospital for medical examination, where it was allegedly confirmed that the baby was sexually abused. After that, she said she took the girl to the school clinic, where the doctors said that they could not ascertain whether the girl was abused or not.

This she said led her to the General Hospital, where the doctors allegedly said her daughter was actually abused. It was gathered that after she became convinced by the two medical reports that her daughter was actually defiled, she decided to report the matter to the police.
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