Man Stabs His Nine-year-old Daughter To Death Because Wife Left Him

PHYSINEWS :Man stabs his 9-year-old daughter to death because wife left him, then cleans and dresses her up in new clothes (photos above and below)
A man, angry that his wife had left him and taken his youngest daughter, took a knife and viciously stabbed their eldest daughter to death in Chiang Rai town, Mae Sai, Thailand on Monday, December 26th.

The nine year old had multiple puncture wounds to her chest. After the gruesome murder, the 37-year-old identified as Noi washed the body carefully, cleaned up the scene and the murder weapon - then redressed his daughter in new clothes. He then went out and told neighbors what he had done - but no one believed him.
So he went home and waited for his wife to come and visit. Later in the day she arrived and found her daughter dead. She immediately called police who hurriedly arrested Noi. He was whisked away in a police truck as a lynching mob threatened to grab him and exact instant justice.

Police said that Noi told them his wife had left him earlier taking their youngest child and he had admitted taking his feelings out on his nine year old daughter. The wife said that she left her husband because of his frequent drinking.

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