Many smokers have great difficulty to quit smoking, which, as is known, dangerous for the lungs and can lead to many serious diseases.
Two days before the detoxification process it is necessary to stop the use of all dairy products.

The body has to get rid of toxins from the dairy, before starting to clean the lungs. Before the first day of the regime, drink a cup of tea from herbs before bedtime. This should remove toxins from the intestines. The stomach and the rest of the body should not be burdened with heavy work none of the days during the process of purification.
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Squeeze two lemons in 300 ml of water before breakfast. Drink 300 ml grapefruit juice. If you do not like the taste, you can replace it with pineapple juice. These juices contain natural antioxidants that improve system breathing.
Drink juice between breakfast and lunch. It helps to alkaline blood during the three days of cleaning. You should drink 400 ml juice rich in potassium during lunch. Potassium acts as a tonic for cleaning.
Bedtime drink 400 ml of cranberry juice. It will help in the fight against bacteria in the lungs, which can cause infection. READ HOW YOU CAN TURN N500 TO N500,000 WITHIN A MONTH USING FACEBOOK CLICK HERE TO READ FULL OPPORTUNITY 
Take care of your body by doing light exercises during these three days and walks. Hot bath 20 minutes every day will help your body sweat to lose even more toxins.
And finally – inhalation. Put 5 to 10 drops of eucalyptus in a bowl of warm water. Bend over the court and put a clean cloth on your head. Breathe fumes until cool water.