Twenty-7 Year Old Lady Dies After Allegedly Drinking A Concoction Her Pastor Gave Her

Physinews:A 27-year-old lady identified as Maryjane Chinwendu Izuka from Imo State has died after allegedly drinking a concoction her pastor, Prophet Ola Bakare (pictured left) of Jesus the Solution Ministry at Shibiri Ajangbadi, Lagos State Nigeria gave her when she complained of having stomach pains on Saturday, November 12th 2016.

Speaking to LIB, the elder brother to the deceased, Chinoso Izuka narrated the sad event saying that his sister began to vomit after taking the concoction
"My immediate younger sister stays at Ajangbadi area, so my other younger sister who stays with me at Orile decided to go and pay her a visit at her place. On getting there my immediate younger sister told her that she wanted to go to Night vigil. They went to the Night vigil and after the Night vigil they went to the pastor for consultation where she (my immediate younger sister) complained to the pastor that she was having stomach upset.

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The pastor prayed for her and gave her a concoction to drink, that when she drinks it the stomach upset will go. After she finished drinking it, she started vomiting in the presence of that pastor and my other sister. At first, they were thinking it was a reaction. So that my other sister took her home thinking that she will get better, I was surprised at about 9 o’clock, I was called that she was losing strength and couldn’t talk, so my little sister carried her on the back to rush her to the nearest hospital, before they could get to the hospital she gave up. What am telling you as we speak happened in the late hours of Saturday, November 12 - Sunday, November 13th morning"
Also narrating what happened, the sister, Chikwado Izuka who was with her throughout the ordeal said "The pastor gave her something to drink and she started vomiting and I took her home but later rushed her to the hospital but before we got there she died."

When LIB asked if they have heard from the pastor since the incident happened, she said he came to the hospital but disappeared later when she went to report him at the Police station in Ajangbadi.

As at now, the pastor is still at large while the corpse of the lady has been deposited at the Lagos State University Teaching hospitals.


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