Physinews:A teen from England experienced certain health problems such as nausea, dizziness and body aches. She was prescribed some antibiotics to treat urinary infection. She took 2 doses of the medications but her condition got worse and she ended up in the emergency room at the local hospital. The whites of her eyes and her skin turned yellow. This was a clear symptom of jaundice.

Her liver was severely inflamed and swollen and doctors suspected that she has hepatitis. The doctors didn`t know what might have led to this condition. Then, the girl told them a shocking thing.
The 16-year-old girl claimed that she hadn`t traveled abroad recently, hadn`t consumed alcohol, nor had taken any illegal prescription drugs. She had never had a blood transfusion as well. During the conversation, the doctors found out that the girl had ordered 2 boxes of green tea from China and she had been consuming 3 cups of it every day. She drank green tea because she believed that it will help her lose weight and control her appetite. She couldn`t read the directions because they were written in Chinese. Click here if you have small manhood and you want it big,toothache,Pains and Other Skin Disease see how you can resolve it by clicking here:
The doctors took a sample of the tea and analyzed it. The test results showed that the tea contained Camellia sinesis, an evergreen shrub whose leaves and buds are used in making numerous tea types, including green tea. The ingredients in this tea cause liver damage and hepatitis in individuals who consume green tea extracts and supplements. Some people experienced severe liver damage and had to undergo liver transplantation, and in certain cases the consequences were fatal. It is believed that this tea contains strong chemicals to speed up the weight-loss process.
This case was published in the journal BMJ Case Reports and the doctors stated that these less regulated products ordered from developing countries over the internet may contain pesticides and other harmful substances that can cause hepatitis. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you avoid buying teas or other supplements from the internet.
Fortunately, the girl recovered quickly and her liver started to function normally again. Her case is an example of the negative effects of overconsumption of green tea and a lot of its varieties that promise instant weight loss.


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