Photo: House Help Was Raped, Killed And Dumped In The Swimming Pool with Just BRA And PANT Remains On Her In Ghana

Physinews:The walls of the house are about ten feet high and fortified with electric fence. At every material moment, there are two security guards in the house:

A private security man from Westec Security and an armed police officer. With a CCTV camera in the house, the Essien’s house can be described as very secure for its occupants.
Ironically it was in this house that 23-year old past student of Accra Girls’ Senior High School, Veracity Elorm Oteng, was allegedly murdered and dumped in a swimming pool. She was a house help in that house. The owner of the house and employer of Elorm, Mr. Ato Essien, is a renowned businessman who lives in Dansoman.

Mr. Essien and his family had travelled to the USA on a holiday at the Justice Tsekpo, who describes himself as an uncle of Elorm, says the last time he spoke to his niece was in the early hours of Thursday August 20, this year. His calls, since then, went unanswered. On Friday, August 21, someone answered the call. Click here if you have small manhood and you want it big,toothache,Pains,Gonorhea for man,Woman and Other Skin Disease see how you can resolve it by clicking here
One Of Her Family Said:
“At 10 O’clock [a.m.] I called again. No response, till 12:15 [pm] when a male voice picked the call,” Justice narrates how he got to know about the killing of his niece. “I asked of the owner of the phone so I could speak to her. The voice said she was sick, seriously ill so I should rush down to Dansoman and take her to the hospital.”
When Justice rushed to the house, he was told that Elorm had attempted to swim that morning and drowned in the pool. The day private security guard, Mr. Frank Obeng and the day police guard, Constable Clifford Atsutse, were the ones he met.

They told him his niece had drowned that morning but the body had been conveyed to the morgue. He said he also met a man who identified himself as “Tailor.” Sources say his sewing shop is very close to the house. He was the one who helped Elorm to secure the job in Mr. Ato Essien’s house.


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