Pastor Forces A Married Woman ToHave SEX With Him (photo)


Physinews: A young woman has exposed a pastor who
forced her to sleep with him under the guise of
offering her spiritual help.
The South African woman identified as 36-
year-old Yvonne Smith, accused Pastor
Bongani Manyisa of deceiving her and forcefully
having sex with her, after offering her spiritual

Smith who had gone to Manyisa while she was
searching for healing after she suffering from a
stroke, said she had ‘paid’ for it by sleeping
with the pastor, and also buying him a R20 000
(453,000 Naira) piano. According to her, the healing
was scheduled to take place over several
months, and the pastor had made sexual
advances towards her and eventually slept
with her repeatedly while ‘healing’ her.

Smith who hails from Orlando East in Soweto,
said she made up her mind to expose Manyisa
eventually. She met the church council who
ended up sacking the pastor from his position.
Here’s what Smith said:
“I suffered a stroke last August. I was in and
out of hospital but was not getting any better. I
was invited to the church where the pastor
concentrated on me and prayed for me. After I
got better, the pastor started making sexual
and financial demands. I could not face going
back to the pain that I felt while I was sick,
because I could tell he was powerful. He kept
poking me for months until I said ‘enough.”
Responding to the allegations against him,
Pastor Manyisa said:
“I have a protection order against her because
she harasses me all the time. She cost me my
place at the church. She just wants to see me
suffer. I don’t owe her anything. I thought it
was just her gratitude for helping her during her
healing process. Now I just want to recover
from all this. Despite not being part of that
church anymore I still have God’s calling and
will continue to help people.”

According to Nametso Mofokeng, a
spokeswoman from Manyisa’s former church,
the church had thoroughly investigated the
matter before reaching their decision. She said:
“After receiving the complaint, investigations
were launched into the matter. Findings of the
investigations led to the pastor being laid off
his duties because of an alleged breach. As the
church, we are sensitive when it comes to
disciplinary matters and we had to terminate
his contract of service as he was voluntary

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