Jobseekers CAUGHT On Camera Peeping Under One Female In Toilet After His Interview [ Photos]

Physinews:Jobseeker caught on CCTV ‘spying into woman’s toilets’ moments after successful interview

The unnamed man dressed in a suit and tie is seen making his way out of the building. But he decides to pop into the woman’s toilets where CCTV captures him getting on his hands and knees. He then allegedly peeped under a stall in an attempt to catch someone on the toilet.
The disturbing scene which took place at a trading from in Zi-an, Shaanxi Province, China was spotted by a passing employee, who raised the alarm.

The 'Peeping Tom'
An office manager who had just interviewed the man was alerted to the incident and then confronted him. “He told me he walked into the wrong bathroom and tried to open the door to check if anybody was inside, ” she was quoted as saying. “But after we checked security footage, it showed him crawling on the ground and looking into the stall.”

The jobseeker looking under the toilets

A woman spotted him as he peered under the cubicles

The manager unsurprisingly – dismissed any chance of hiring the man. She added: “He seemed like a promising candidate. He even had the English proficiency that the post requires. “But he seems to have…hobbies that don’t match the values of our company, so that won’t work.”
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