Jealous Woman Poisons Lover’s Yoghurt With Mosquito Coil For Cheating

Physinews:A certain Oneh, (surname withheld) has been arrested by the vigilante group in Otukpo area of Benue State Nigeria for reportedly poisoning the yoghurt she bought for her lover.

However, the young man, whose name was given as ID on receiving the yoghurt, innocently gave it to a little girl who is about 2 years old who also lives in the same neighborhood with him.
IDOMA VOICE gathered that the excited infant took the yoghurt to her mother who after opening and taking a sip noticed that it contains poisonous substance.

She collapsed and was immediately rushed to Ihotu Clinic where it was actually confirmed that she has taken poison.

The family reported the case to the vigilante who picked up the lady Sunday afternoon.

During interrogation, the suspect admitted adding mosquito coil to the juice to punish her lover because he is cheating on her.

IDOMA VOICE gathered that she was released to one of her relations yesterday, who promise to bring her back for final resolution today (Monday).
Idoma Voice

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