Physinews:The stunning election of Donald Trump is certainly one of the greatest upsets in modern global politics. The nation has been divided by a bitter and highly controversial election campaign, and his opponents have already made it clear that they are not going to go down without a fight. The United States has woken up this morning to a country fraught with emotion and anger, and protestors are now taking to the streets to violently express their frustration at the election result.

Reports are coming in across the country about the break out of small but serious rioting incidents. In Oakland, more than a hundred protestors gathered in the early hours of the morning and attempted to block the freeways. Even when the protestors was hit by a car, they refused to abandon their sit in. Instead, the violence escalated with some cars being set on fire and the windows of others were broken. Eventually, the emergency services had to close down the highway to deal with the incident.

Further reports have also hit the newswires speaking of civil unrest. A Trump supporters’ victory party in San Francisco was spectacularly and chillingly interrupted by groups of protestors wearing masks. In Berkeley, California a mob apparently took the streets chanting ‘not my president’ in response to the election of Trump. Supporters of the unsuccessful Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were caught on camera marching through the streets of Portland in Oregon. The footage contains images of protestors shouting ‘f*** Donald Trump, president elect’ and it has been claimed that one protestor set fire to an American flag.
Other protests are said to have broken out in San Diego and San Jose.
The civil discontent at Donald Trump’s elevation to the role of president has not been confined to the United States. Later today, anti-racism protestors in London plan to stage a demonstration outside the United States Embassy in protest of the president-elect.
Hillary Clinton supporters were also filmed marching through Portland in Oregon shouting ‘f*** Donald Trump’ and setting fire to the US flag.

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