Check Out Seven Ways A CUP OF HONEY With Warm Water Can Help You

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reaching for the sugar bowl. As we learn more about the
negative effects of sugar on our health, it is difficult to
discover a healthy alternative. Luckily, honey is a
suitable sweetener replacement in many cases, especially
beverages. Starting your day off with a cup of warm
water and honey has a remarkable number of health

1.Warm Water with Honey and Lemon

Start your morning off on the right foot. Health expert,
Jodi Geigle of Mind Body Green recommends making a
drink by adding 1 to 2 tablespoons of raw, organic honey
to warm water. For a dash more flavor, add in a splash
of fresh lemon juice or a dash of cinnamon. Drinking
this each morning, on an empty stomach, provides you
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2. Boost Your Weight Loss

Craving a sweet beverage, such as soda, does not make
you a weight loss failure, it makes you human! However,
soda (yes, even diet soda) fills you up with empty,
chemical-laden ingredients and no health benefits. Try
swapping one soda a day for honey water to boost weight
loss goals. The natural sugars in honey helps cleanse the
liver, flushing toxins and fat from the body, suggests
Geigle. Adding lemon to your honey water boosts its
detoxifying properties. The citric acid in lemon stimulates
the liver and lemon water increases urination, aiding you
in flushing out toxins.

3. Help Maximize Your Immune System

Raw honey is a virtual immunity boosting cocktail. Full of
antibacterial properties, the vitamins, minerals and
enzymes in raw honey help from a barrier against
harmful bacteria. Drink honey water at the first sign of
a cold or flu. Honey also helps soothe and coat a sore
throat, reducing coughing from irritation.

4. Improve Digestion

If gas and indigestion plague you after big meals, try
some honey water. Honey neutralizes gas and has
antiseptic properties, helping combat a gassy, upset
stomach. Consuming honey water also helps keep you
regular, according to the lifestyle experts at Lifehack.
Honey helps hydrate the colon and your stool, making it
easier to go.

5. Fight Afternoon Energy Lag

We have all fallen victim to the afternoon slump. Next
time, try a cup of warm honey water before reaching for
the coffee or sugar-laden snacks. Honey water speeds
hydration, helping naturally perk up your body. Honey’s
natural sugars provide healthy calories, giving you a
healthy energy boost. Best of all, a cup of honey water
helps you avoid the inevitable sugar crash that comes
with raiding the office vending machine.

6. Reduce Allergies

According to Lifehack, consuming raw, local honey helps
reduce seasonal allergies. While honey probably will not
replace your OTC allergy medications, local honey may
reduce the reaction your body has to the pollen in your
area. Bees produce honey from the pollen produces by
local plants. Exposure to this pollen helps reduce your

7. Stay Hydrated and Healthy

Honey water fights of dehydration, According to our
contributor, honey helps keep your heart healthy by
reducing bad cholesterol and strengthening the heart.
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