9 Dangerous Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Physinews:High blood pressure can be a very dangerous medical condition which can lead to serious health complications if not treated accordingly. People often tend to ignore the warning signs, which is extremely irresponsible, because high blood pressure can have life-threatening consequences.

which indicate high blood pressure:
– Poor circulation
– Headache
– Lightheadedness or dizzy spells
– Difficulty breathing
– Pounding in the ears and neck
– Numbing sensation
– Nosebleed
– Impaired vision
– Blood in urine
More about the symptoms of high blood pressure
If you experience any of the abovementioned symptoms you need to consult your doctor and get tested to determine the best course of action. You can use some natural ingredients like Hawthorne, omega 3 fatty acids and potassium to lower your blood pressure without medications, they are very effective. When you go see your doctor he’ll recommend the best therapy for you.Click here if you have small manhood and you want it big,toothache,Pains,Gonorhea for man,Woman and Other Skin Disease see how you can resolve it by clicking here
The DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) is a really effective way to preserve your health and lower high blood pressure naturally. Numerous studies have shown that natural remedies can significantly reduce the need for hypertension medications.
You can get your blood pressure back to normal by exercising in moderation, reduce the intake of sodium and follow a healthy eating regimen. One recent clinical trial showed that reducing the sodium intake can significantly lower high blood pressure, but still everything points out to the fact that the DASH diet is the most effective method to eliminate hypertension.
DASH diet
– Low fat dairy products
– Consuming more nuts, grains, fish and poultry
– Fresh foods and vegetables
– Avoiding high cholesterol and fatty foods
The lucky ones can resolve their hypertension problems completely naturally, by exercising more, eating healthier and reducing the sodium intake. Others still need to take certain medications to prevent bigger complications. You need to consult your doctor and see whether a completely natural approach will suit you or you need to take another course of action. Whatever the case may be, a healthier lifestyle can improve your overall health in general, so you should consider making some changes regardless what your diagnosis is.