Wonder as Woman Gets Jail Term For Letting Her Pet Dog To ROT To Death

Physinews: A woman has been jailed after leaving her pet
dog to rot to death when she was first sent to
prison .
Zacko, a year-old Staffordshire bull terrier,
suffered an agonising slow end when
heartless Gemma Bennie abandoned him in
her flat in Filton, Bristol.

The dog was found dead lying on his cruel
owner's clothes where he had crawled in a
desperate attempt to find some final comfort.

Bennie had been jailed at the end of January
and the dog's decomposed body was found
three months later.

A neighbour alerted the authorities about a fly
infestation and smell coming from her flat.

Bennie, 26, admitted animal cruelty and was
sent back to prison for 17 weeks and
disqualified from keeping animals for life.

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