TWO GRAND PA Who Stole Cassava Stripped NAKED By Angry Mob(Photos)

Physinews: As shared by human right activist and lawyer Inibehe Effiong....
'I read online that the two Unclad men in this photo were caught this morning stealing cassava. Just look at what was done to them by fellow Nigerians. They stole cassava which cannot be worth more than(N=Naira 9jeria currency ) N10,000 yet they were stripped, severely beaten and inflicted with grievous injuries.

Nigerian lawyers will pretend not to see this. Those who are shouting rule of law for the rich who are accused of massive corruption will also pretend not to see this.

Those who did this to the two men may be among the set of Nigerians that are talking about rule of law for the rich.

Do we really believe in the Rule of Law in this country or is it rule of the rich?'
Jungle justice for the poor, petty thief and rule of law for the rich and corrupt.
We are hypocrites. Period!

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