The Easiest Way To Developing A Flat Stomach Important Info For minimizing Big STOMACH

Physinews Daily Health Tips: Fitness and raw food diet expert Kristina shows us how to get a beautiful flat stomach in just five easy steps.

Top tip number one is to stay hydrated, drinking as much water or raw fruit or vegetable juice as possible. Kristina shares her recipe for vitamin-infused lemonade to get you started. Delicious and fresh, the citrus in the water flushes toxins out of your system, keeping your bowels moving and helping to keep your stomach flat.

Tip number two is to eat as many fully raw fruit and vegetables as you can every day. Hydration from food is as important as water. Challenge yourself with possibly one to two fully raw meals a day.

Tip number three is to eliminate all meat and dairy from your diet. Raw fruits and vegetables are filled with fibre that keeps your system moving. Dairy and meat contain bacteria and hormones, they stay stagnant in your stomach and can cause weight fluctuation.

Tip number four is to do ten minutes of easy ab exercises every day. Just ten minutes can build muscle, burn fat and give you a flat toned tummy. Watch Kristina demonstrate squats, bicycle crunches, planks and jump roping.

Tip number five is to stop eating three hours before you go to bed. Eating fully raw is also called the daylight diet, with the idea that you only eat when there is light in the sky. Eating late at night can cause you to binge, plus eating when you’re active means you can burn up the energy you are consuming

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