Simple, Perfect Ways To Get Rid Of Stubborn PIMPLES

Physinews Daily Health Tips: A breakout of pimples on the face can be very distressing and embarrassing. It’s a subject that concerns both male and female because how you look is how you’ll be addressed. Pimples are an inflammation of the skin in which the sebaceous glands (oil glands) become infected with bacteria causing it to swell and filled with pus.
Its also known that stress and hormones can cause an outbreak of pimples. Apart from the face, pimples can appear on your neck , back, chest and shoulders. A beautiful face and a great smile attracts people to you. Therefore, ensure to care for your skin and how it looks.

I’ll be giving you a few tips on how to get rid of embarrassing acne and figuring out if you’ve been doing the right thing or not.

A warm morning face wash is important as you ought to start your day with a clean face and another wash just before you go to bed. Try to keep to this routine and never miss a day if you don’t want the pimple causing bacteria to carry on its activities. Never go to bed without washing off all the makeup on your face no matter how tired you are. If you really care for your face then there should be no excuses! You can choose to use a cleanser prior to washing your face to remove all traces of makeup. Ensure the cleanser isn’t too harsh for your skin too.
Yes i know this could be hard to resist but try to avoid touching your face neither should you let someone else do so. Some people are so addicted to picking pimples but this is so wrong as it could be contagious. Ensure that even if you touch your face, wash your hands afterwards. When it becomes itchy just use a clean handkerchief over it to wipe off the sweat during a hot weather.
At certain intervals you ought to change your brushes, eyeliner, mascara, powder, concealer, lipstick etc. Makeup brushes can easily pick up bacteria if they are not cleaned periodically and stored properly. One way to tell its time to replace your makeup brushes is when you begin to have more breakouts than normal. This is an indication that there are bacteria on the makeup brushes. Another way is when your brush begins to shed its bristles and if you notice your brush doesn’t return to the shape it was in when you first purchased it. This is an indication that there are bacteria on the makeup brushes.
What you eat can help build or weaken your immune system. Eating foods rich in vitamin E such as dark green leafy vegetables, milk, nuts and legumes helps in adequate skin health. Taking fruits and vegetables increases cellular immunity. Ensure to eat good foods that has less of saturated fats and trans-fats. Eat more of unsaturated fatty acids. If you’re allergic to some food substances, check to see they are not contained in the food because they can trigger skin allergic reactions. Also stay away from excessive cosmetics as it may aggravate the cases of acne.
Most people are confused on what product to use and what not, that’s why they are easily convinced to try out new cosmetic products which might not be too good for the skin. If you notice a re-occurrence of pimples after trying out a new soap or cream recommended to you then consider changing it. Using harsh or foreign products can irritate the skin causing even more breakouts. Stick to what you’re sure of and avoid cleansers containing too much alcohol.
You might not have thought about this too but your pillow cases can also carry bacteria especially when you go to bed with your makeup on. Make efforts to wash and change your pillow cases at least every week as this is where you lay your head making contact with the face. Dirty handkerchiefs should be washed daily and if possible, disposed after two days.

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