Shocking Story Behind The Viral Video Of Man Raped By 2 Women In South Africa ( Pics )

Physinews: The Reports we published on Sunday 2 2016 about two girls that raped a man in south Africa which you can find>> HERE >
This is the English version of the man who was
raped by two/three women in South Africa.
According to Read below...

A Hluhluwe man has said he will not be able to
forgive the three women who raped him. A
video of the incident appeared on social media
and has since gone viral. The man, whose
name is known to the Daily News, said he was
at home when a woman whom he knows called
him over, saying she needed help with an
electrical problem at her home.

“I went into her house and when I got there, I
saw another girl in the room. I did not pay any
attention to her. Then another girl who was
hiding behind the door closed it, that’s when I
realised that something was wrong.”

He said after they closed the door behind him,
they told him they wanted to sleep with him.

“I initially thought they were joking,” he said.
However, he soon realised they were serious
when he was attacked. He said he tried to
defend himself but his arm was weak since he
had injured it in an accident years ago.

He said he was let go and he went home and
took a shower. He said the incident had left
him feeling confused.

“I told my older sister about what happened but
she thought I was joking.”

It was only after a video appeared online that
she took what he said seriously and
encouraged him to go to the police.

He said he
feared going to the police because he thought
they would not take him seriously.

“When I told them what happened they were
shocked. The three women were arrested the
same day I reported the matter.”

The alleged rapists were people he knew and
grew up with in the area, he said.

“I’m very angry,” he said of the assault. One of
the families of the alleged rapists went to the
man’s home to try to make amends, he said.

“My brothers and sisters were not having any
of it,” he said. He was looking forward to the
trial and wanted the women to be severely
punished. “People like that should not be part
of society.”

What made it more difficult to move on was
that the video was on social media and people
had come to ask him what happened.

“It is something I never thought would happen
to me. There is not much I can do but try to
move on.”

According to Reese Mann, executive director of
the South African Male Survivors of Sexual
Abuse (Samssa), one out of six males before
the age of 18 were sexually abused.
Mann said 19.3% of all sexual violations
reported to police involved male victims.

“Male victims of sexual abuse are less likely
than their female counterparts to report
incidents of sexual abuse, because police and
the judiciary don’t take it seriously,” Mann said.

Mann said a widely held myth was that if males
got an Attention and/or, ejaculated during the
sexual abuse, they must have enjoyed it.

“A man being raped can still get an Attention
because it is in the physiological make-up of
males that if they are caressed long enough
they end up getting an Attention,” said Mann.

He said there was also the myth that men
should be capable of protecting themselves
against sexual abuse.

“There are three stages that any victim of
sexual abuse goes through, and they are called
the three Fs.

“They can fight back, they can flee or they are
just overcome by fear and the force exerted by
the perpetrator, in which case they just freeze,”
said Mann.

Police spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Thulani
Zwane, confirmed the incident and said the
women had appeared in the Hluhluwe
Magistrate’s Court last Thursday and were
expected to appear again on Tuesday for a bail
He said they were being held in custody.

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