Shocking Revelations! 'Why We Knock Before Opening Mortuary Door'


Physinews: THE proprietor of Emeka Mortuary,
Okunmi Community, located at the suburbs of
Ikom, Central senatorial district, Cross River
State, Mr. Kalu Ben Chima, popularly called
Emeka Ambulance, has revealed the spiritual
combats morticians, now and again, go
through with occultists and members of some
secret societies before their corpses were
embalmed in his mortuary.

The Arochukwu-born mortician, whose
mortuary is located along Ikom-Calabar
highway, confessed to NDV that dead bodies,
especially those of occultists and members of
secret societies “do give us trouble while being
embalmed because their bodies have been
‘fortified’ by the devil or some spiritual forces.”

Power pass power
“In such cases, we have to pet and persuade
them by talking to them to allow the chemicals
to penetrate their bodies, but if they remain
stubborn, we have to employ our own spiritual
force and of course, power pass power and we
can then embalm them,” he disclosed.

According to him, he learned the trade in
Onitsha General Hospital, Anambra state, and
had come to know that some dead bodies were
so “powerful” such that they do not allow
others to lie close to them and he was always
careful when attending to such bodies.
Some corpses don’t allow others to lie near
His words: “Some powerful people do not allow
other dead bodies to lie close to them, so in the
night, they will remove other bodies near them
and dump them far from where they are or they
would go to an isolated place and lie there – all
dead bodies are not the same, which is why we
knock before we enter there.”
Mind-boggling tales
Our reporter traveled from Calabar to Okunmi to
meet Mr. Chima following some strange reports
about corpses in his mortuary established in

A few months after it was established, there
was an unsubstantiated story about a man,
whose car broke down close to the mortuary
late in the night and he decided to seek for
place to spend the night, and knocked on the
door of a house he saw light burning close by.
A security guard reportedly came out and gave
him a mat to sleep in a section of the room,
only for him to wake up the next morning and
discovered that he slept among corpses and he
instantly passed out. Another case was that
while conveying a corpse, the mortician
occasionally walked behind the ambulance,
while the corpse drives the van and the bizarre-
that he sells body parts of dead people and so
Chima confirmed some creepy stories and
described others as hearsay. On the man who
allegedly slept in the mortuary with corpses, he
said it was not true and he does not keep
security guards in the mortuary.
Corpses still have spiritual powers
His words: “The corpses may be dead, but they
still possess some spiritual powers to protect
themselves. We have about 100 corpses right
now and 18 abandoned ones, but we keep the
place open, both day and night, without any
security and anybody, who attempts to do
anything funny by going there to steal or do
anything has himself to blame”.
He, however, described as false claims that
some people sell parts of dead people or do
have sex with them.
Sex with dead, a deadly affair
Chima asserted: “Do not think that because she
is lying down there, she is finished and you can
go and have sex with her. You will die also in a
matter of hours or days and how can someone
sell body parts of a corpse or water used in
washing a corpse, such water is poisonous.
People die from different ailments such as HIV/
AIDS, and water used in washing their bodies is
poisonous and any person who uses it will
either die or contact sickness.”
On the report that he has rented crowd of
women, who engage in bogus weeping when a
person dies, he said the women were part of a
specialized funeral services he offers.
Some people hire mourners before their death
He explained: “Some people do not have
people to cry for them when they die, so they
will arrange with us while they are alive to get
some women to cry during their burial and also,
some people because they are polygamist
would arrange with us to organize the casket,
grave, and mortuary services so that when they
die, there will be no struggle among family
members on who to do what and so on.”

Mr Kali & Emeka's Mortuary Photo Below

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