SHocking: India Teenager pulls two cars with his SHOULDER blades (Photos)

Physinews: An Indian teenager is so strong he can pull two cars with just his shoulder blades, he pulls the cars by using a rope tied to a wooden block that is held in place between his shoulder blades.

Abhishek Choubey, 18, has earned fame and the nickname, 'Steel Blades' in his hometown for his incredible feats of strength. He claims to be the only man with strong enough shoulders to be able to complete the challenge and wants to establish a world record.

The wooden block he uses was built by his father Avdesh Kumar Choube. Abhishek, from Madhya Pradesh, central India, started pulling objects using his shoulder blades aged only eight when he realised they were a different shape to his friends
He said: 'First I pulled a car weighing 2314 lbs for 27.5 metres. Then I attempted pulling two cars at a time and I did that as well.'
Abhishek explained: 'I used to get hooks from the market but they didn't fit between my shoulder blades. My dad was happy with my stunts and designed a special hook for me as a gift.'

A friend of Abhishek's attempted to pull a small chair with his shoulder blades but failed and had to consult a doctor after being injured.

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