See What They Did To Teenager For Stealing Petrol(PHOTO$]


Physinews: A teenage boy was tied up legs and hands and
was mercilessly beaten by a crowd for stealing
petrol from a shop.
The boy was caught in the early hours of Friday
stealing 5ltrs of petrol from the shop of a black-
marketer in Olateju area of Mushin, Lagos.

The boy was caught by a man who was
passing by the street. According to the man
who caught him, "I noticed some unusual
movements in the shop so I decided to hide
and watch what was going on only for me to
see the boy emerge from the gutter beneath the
wooden shop with a gallon of petrol."

"I told him to stop and as I approached him, he
dropped the petrol on the floor and started
begging me. Before I could even say a word,
another person joined us and in no minutes a
crowd formed."

His legs and hands were immediately tied up
and they started to beat him.

The owner of the shop, a woman, who lives just
a few houses away, was immediately
called upon.

According to the owner of the shop, the boy
had been stealing her fuel for a while because
she has been noticing that her petrol-filled
gallons get missing from time to time.

The woman then decided to go to a church,
where the boy and his mother and two younger
ones reside, and she found two empty gallons
that belongs to her.

When the boy was tied up and seriously beaten,
he confessed to the crime and confirmed that
he had been indulging in the act for a while
now. When he was asked who he sells the
stolen petrol to, he refused to mention names
but admitted he has customers for the stolen

The boy also revealed how he manages to
enter the shop and make out with the petrol.
On how he manages to enter the shop, the boy
reveals that he then enters through the window
of a tailoring shop, where is an apprentice, that
is built together with the petrol shop. Once he is
in, he opens a wooden cover of a hole he had
dug on the wooden floor of the shop. The hole,
according to him, leads him to the shop where
the petrols are kept.
as times goes physinews will upload video of this incident stay tune.
See more photos from the scene:

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