See What Army Did To This ENGINEER In Computer Village Lagos(Pic)

Physinews: Nigerian Army personnel last Saturday beat
the living daylights out of a computer
salesman, Maxwell Nwosu at Ikeja. The Army
personnel identified simply as Lieutenant
Adeniji was allegedly hired to by Nwosu’s
customer who bought a computer keyboard
one month ago.

The Keyboard was said to have developed a
fault, prompting the customer to contact the
army personnel who followed him to the shop.

The military personnel had pounced on the
computer salesman and allegedly beat him to

Narrating what transpired, Nwosu said: “Last
Saturday at about 3:00pm, some group of
soldiers, one claimed to be Lt. Adeniji, a
resident of block 22 Ikeja cantonment is the
chief perpetrator of this reckless misuse of
office. “It will amaze you to know that this
started purely as a civil matter between my
brother and a customer who felt insulted and
called his soldier brothers (all in mufti).

This issue was reported at a nearby police
post and it was resolved peacefully even
though we felt unfairly treated. To everyone's
surprise, this men went back only to return
with three other soldiers on uniform.

soldiers embarked on a beating spree. Myself
and a customer who pleaded on my behalf
were beaten to stupor and thrown into the
gutter to roll in it. As I speak with you, I am
still taking treatments and the other man’s
condition is in bad shape in the hospital
because of the injuries we sustained.
A lot of laptops and other valuables were
destroyed in my office and my phone was
smashed by one of the soldiers when he saw
me making call. “One of the soldiers who was
flagging something that looks like a knife
threatened to stab my brother when they come
back on Monday or anytime soon. Our office
is now in total mess and our lives in danger
all because of an of argument between
civilians. “It would interest you to know that
this has become a habit by soldiers from Ikeja
cantonment who are often used by friends and
relatives to cause serious havoc and
unnecessary tension amongst civilians.

Today most of my customers who saw how I
was ruthlessly assaulted before the public
think I am a criminal.

“This is reckless abuse of uniform and show of
impunity. Please I have so much faith in the
army disciplinary unit, and do believe that by
the time this matter is being investigated, the
officers involved would be punished and be
meant to pay for whatever they have
destroyed out of their misconduct.

“This would serve as a deterrent to people who
bring bad names to our institutions. Picture
evidences are with me for more on this. The
media should help me.”

He said. Army
spokesman in Lagos, Lieutenant Colonel
Samuel Kingsley noted that the issue has not
been brought to the notice of the Nigerian
Army 81 Division. Spokesman of 9 Brigade,
Nigerian Army, Ikeja, Major Wale Badamosi
told The Guardian on telephone that he has
directed the complainant on how to go about
the matter. His words: “Someone called me
yesterday on this matter and I advised him
how to go about it.”

Photo of him below:

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