Sad: SEE How Dog Killed This FOUR Year Old Girl

Physinews: A Michigan family has been left in anguish
after 4-year-old Kiyana McNeal was killed
by her new dog after she tried to give it a

Kiyana’s mom, Jacy, had just bought the
dog the same day from an Illinois man who
brought the dog to their Michigan home ,
according to Kiyana’s stepmom, Lorie
The family's Doberman died a few months
prior of cancer and Kiyana and her mom
were filling that void with a new one,
according to May.
But what was supposed to be a bonding
moment turned into a tragedy just 45
minutes after getting the dog when the
Doberman bit the little girl in the throat,
Lorie May told Inside Edition.
Neighbor Rebecca Davis told CBS News
that she heard hysterical screaming
coming from next door and ran out to see
Kiyana’s mom sobbing over the girl’s

According to Davis, Jacy tried to fight the
dog off of Kiyana during the attack but
“She got in between them and she got bit
in the neck and in her hands,” said Kenneth
Lorie May said Jacy called Kiyana’s dad,
Gerald Johnson, after the attack and said
she “was covered in the blood and didn’t know if she will make it.
Lorie May said a police officer told them
Kiyana’s mom did everything she could to
save the girl.
“She loved her baby girl,” said May. “Our
hearts are broken. Kiyana was a ball of
fire. She loved to sing. She loved to dance.
She was compassionate beyond her years
and full of life and wisdom."
May added: "She brought us such joy.

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