READ TEN Weight Loss Tricks that Even Lazy People Cannot Ignore


Physinews Daily Health Tips: What is your excuse for not working out or not losing weight? You don’t have time, you are travelling a lot, you are a foodie, or are you being just plain lazy? Well, now no more excuses are going to work for you, or keep you away from living a healthier life and getting a fitter body. Here is a compilation of the “laziest ways to lose weight” that will make it easier for you to discipline your bulging body.

Even the weirdest reasons not to sweat will be excused and be offered with a remedy. Our ways are simple and effective but they are not to be confused with yielding results similar to running on a treadmill or doing crunches. You will need patience and discipline, and at the end, you will be pleasantly rewarded.

#1. Brush your teeth after dinner

You will be surprised when you read this one; this is not only about your dental hygiene, but for your weight loss too. Brushing your teeth after dinner extinguishes unsatisfied appetite, the same appetite responsible for dessert indulgences and midnight snacking- two of the primary causes of weight gain. Brushing teeth after dinner is a signal for your mind to stop eating.

#2. Enjoy video games

The revolution of motion-sensor video games can be used to advantage to shed off those extra calories. Motion-sensor games like Wii’s boxing or Play Station’s Dance Dance Revolution can get you enough exercise to stay fit. Several such games are out in the market that will meet the needs of your daily exercise. So, get moving while enjoying your favourite video games.

#3. Use chopsticks to eat

We know you are not accustomed to it, but that is what makes this trick worth a try. Studies have shown that eating with chopsticks slows down your eating and makes you feel fuller faster, without gorging on unnecessary calories. Eating at a slower pace helps your brain to grasp that you are full, much more quickly. So, whether it is noodles, pasta or popcorn, next time around use chopsticks to put them in your mouth.

#4. Hush! Don’t utter exercise

Do not use the word ‘Exercise’ or ‘Workout’ prior to your regime (if you have one). Call it your ‘feel good session’ or ‘stress buster time’. Often usage of words linked to intense physical activities has a negative psychological effect on you, and you tend to back off even before you start.

#5. Make some smart swaps

Replace all the whites with brown, and no we are not getting racial here. Swap the white bread, rice, pasta, flour, with their whole-grain counterparts. Replace chips and other heavy snacks with the roasted varieties. Swap the calorie-laden beverages with lemon water or healthy fresh fruit smoothies. And, instead of dessert, gorge on fruits like watermelon, banana, or strawberries when you want something sweet.

#6. Know what is on your plate

Go green to stay healthy, and keep hunger pangs at bay. So, when you are cooking, add more of vegetables to your delicious dishes to make them more healthier and filling, and to avoid opting for a second helping. Apart from these, go for a protein-rich diet as that too makes you feel fuller for a longer time, and also makes you feel more energetic.

#7. Eat at regular intervals

Do not deprive yourself. It is often deprivation that amplifies your hunger signals. Instead eat at well-spaced intervals, and limit your intake. We are talking about having 4-5 small meals during the day. The interval between the meals should be no longer than three to four hours. It will help you to avoid the feeling of unnecessary hunger pangs.

#8. Do not skip breakfast

Breakfast gives a kick-start to your metabolism and prevents you from gobbling down calories during other meals of the day.

#9. Drink before you eat
Often, we are just thirsty but end up consuming a calorie-rich burger and smoothie. Staying hydrated eliminates confusion between thirst and hunger. Apart from water, you can also add lemon to your glass of water for instant energy boost. Also, drinking a glass or two of water before your meal will help you to feel satiated without gorging on calories.

#10. Sleep sufficiently

Now, nothing can get easier and lazier than this one. According to a survey done by Canadian researchers, those who slept 4-5 hours a day gained considerably more weight (about 2 kg.) than those who slept for 7-8 hours a day, with other factors remaining static in both conditions. Lack of sleep triggers hunger pangs, and slows down the burning of calories. So, if you are not doing this right, then you don’t even deserve to call yourself lazy!

Also, when you are out dining, always start by ordering a salad and a soup before the main course to avoid heavy calorie intake. So, now no one has ‘lazy’ as an excuse to not be healthy and fit, right?
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