Photos: Two Female Kidnappers Stripped Naked For Trying To Kidnapped 5Year Old Boy

Physinews: I wonder what the world is falling to the Fat bitches pictured below are caught red handed trying to kidnap a five year old boy in Benin pretending as a parent of the boy .
According to the source that sent Physinews this reports it was in the afternoon around 3pm when the two kidnapper bounce at the school compound where the 5 year old boy attended pretending as parent of the boy but when God Want to prove himself the boy shouted and said " Leave me I don't know you" this sound got attract by some of the school staff and they stopped them and start asking them how do they relate to the boy they lied ,
unfortunately for them as the conversation goes the true parent of the boy arrived and confirmed the two that they are not related and this is her first time of seeing them, the angry youth around strike immediately and stripped them unclad before the police comes for their rescue..
Photos of them below:

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