Photos and Video Floods Almost Carried a Nursery School Boy Away In Alagbado

Physinews: The situation of flooding in some state in Nigeria is totally devastating mood, I was an eyewitness of this incident when a little boy with his two brothers coming back from school fell on flood after heavy rain falls..

This incident happened in Toromade Street welder bus stop adalemo alagbado Ifo Local Government Ogun state, the CDA had submitted series of letters to the state government about this heavy flood in the area uncountable times but no response..

According to a woman in the area, she said " When the government officials heard about our complaints on the heavy flood here their replied was that our area is Cassava Farm Place, but when they came here for their campaign it's a big town not cassava Farm ,anything that happened to us via the flooding we will accept our faith"..

We hereby plead to federal government, Ogun state government and ifo local government to come to aid of people in these area, on the heavy flooding devastating the area..
Below is the photos and video of heavy flood in the area..

link to watch video:
The little boy on the flood rescued by neighbour

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