Nigerian Cultists STABBED Dubai Police To Death

Physinews: EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian Eiye Confraternity Boys
Stab Sickly Dubai Policeman to Death…
Retaliates for Murder of a Nigerian Cult Member
in Deira *UAE Govt Places Visa Ban on Citizens
of Nigeria, Morocco, Cameroon, Iran and
Bangladesh *Mass Arrest, Deportation, Stop
and Frisk in Full Swing.


IT HAS been discovered that United Arab
Emirates (UAE) Government’s hostile decision
few days ago against people of Black
nationalities and other nations which resulted
in placing a ban on UAE Visa Issuance to
citizens of Nigeria, Morocco, Cameroon, Iran
and Bangladesh was caused by a group of six
Nigerian cult group, whose identities were
found to be rusticated undergraduates from
Nnamdi Azikiwe University in South-East

In a shocking undercover investigation, our
correspondent found out that these six Nigerian
cult boys of ‘Eiye Confraternity’ violently took
on self help and stabbed a sickly Dubai
Policeman in a heated argument for allegedly
killing a Nigerian illegal immigrant earlier
arrested by the deceased corp.

Further investigation confirmed that the late
Nigerian Ndubuisi Chigioke was in Deira, a
suburb of Dubai when he realised his earlier
issued 2 weeks Visa to UAE had expired. He
had gone to a night club, had a
misunderstanding with the club’s bouncers
which led to an invite of Dubai police to look
into the matter.

Ndubuisi was asked by the late policeman of
his nationality and status of residence in UAE,
to which he confessed that he was trying to
renew his permit, immediately after then, he
was beaten, gripped down and subdued with
assistance from the bouncers who were natives
of UAE.

Our correspondent Investigation revealed that
Ndubuisi was thoroughly beaten, wounded with
blood flowing out of his mouth and nose, yet
no one would come to his aid. For hours he
was punched, slapped and treated like a
criminal because he vehemently refused the
late policeman order to be handcuffed and
forcefully taken to the station. This continued
in full glare of those present until Ndubuisi
slumped. His agonized body was thrown into
the back of same policeman truck.

By the time few eyewitness recount the ordeal
to the Nigerian cult boys, eye witness said they
were angry, made fractic phone calls to few of
their friends from Morocco, Cameroon, Iran and
Bangladesh who joined them where the late
policeman was sipping a bottle of drink in

These six Eiye Confraternity boys in company
of friends mentioned above unleashed terror on
the sickly Dubai Policeman, collected his
walkie-takie, seized his cellphones and beat
him into coma. At that juncture, other passers-
by who are UAE natives had used their
cellphones to inform and call Dubai Police

When the Nigerian cult boys realized the sickly
Dubai policeman had become unconscious,
they all fled into various hideouts to avoid
police arrest. On arrival of horde of armed
policemen, they sprayed tear gas into the air,
began to make indiscriminatory arrest of any
black person on the streets, roads and several
working places.

As a result of the attack on this stabbed
policeman that was rushed to a nearby
hospital in the Deira but died in the process, the
Dubai Police have commenced stop and frisked
on streets, roads and various working places
where many black communities are located to
verify if they have legal status to remain in UAE
or be deported afterwards.

The incident which took place in Deira, the hub
of business in Dubai, resulted in the massive
arrest of blacks irrespective of their
nationalities. The officer was said to have died
immediately from the injuries he sustained from
the incident.

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