More Than Twelve Lives Claimed in Pakistan police academy attack

The Police College
Physinews: At least 59 people have been killed in an
attack on a police academy in Pakistan,
officials say.
Gunmen stormed the training college in
Quetta, the provincial capital of Baluchistan,
opening fire and detonating explosives.
More than 100 others have been injured,
some of them critically.

Between four and six gunmen raided
the training centre, attacking a dormitory
where up to 250 police trainees were resting.

"They were rushing toward our building firing
shots so we rushed for safety toward the roof
and jumped down in the back to save our
lives," one of the trainees told Pakistan's Geo

Pakistani police and paramilitary
forces exchanged fire with the gunmen for
several hours after the attack amid reports
that a number of trainees were taken

At least one of the attackers was killed in the
counter-terror operation and two detonated
their explosive vests, according
to Baluchistan Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti.
He said security forces have now completed
their operation, but are still engaged in the
clean-up process.

No one has claimed responsibility for the

It came hours after gunmen shot and killed
two customs officers and wounded a third
near the town of Surab, about 90 miles south
of Baluchistan's provincial capital Quetta.
Baloch separatist groups in Baluchistan have
claimed similar hit-and-run attacks on
security forces and government officials in
the past.
Islamic militants also have a presence in the
province, which borders Afghanistan.

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