Military officers under ATTACK over death of Nigerian footballer Joseph Izu


Physinews: The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) worldwide
has called for justice to be served
following the death of Shooting Stars of
Ibadan football club defender, Joseph Izu,
who lost his life after being hit by stray
bullet on Sunday, October 16.

This comes even as the group expressed
shock over the death of another Ijaw youth,
Oko Osuekina, whose body was found
floating on the Okarki River today, October

According to IYC, Oko Osuekina was shot
by military officers on his forehead at the
same time with Joseph Izu.

In a statement made available to
NAIJ , the IYC said: “The Ijaw Youth
Council (IYC) worldwide received with
shock and sadness the gruesome murder
of two Ijaw youths: Shooting Stars of
Ibadan football club defender, Joseph Izu
and Oko Osuekina in Okarki Community,
Ediro/Ogbologolo Clan in Ahoada West
Local Government Area of Rivers State.

This murder is highly condemnable and
brings to the fore the disdain with which
the Nigerian military treat Niger Deltans.

The corpse of Oko Osuekina who was shot
by military officers on his forehead at the
same time with Joseph Izu was found
floating on the Okarki River some few hours

“To demonstrate the impunity and
unprofessional attitude of the military
officers in the Niger Delta, the IYC
leadership has just been informed by the
IYC Clan Chairman of Ediro/Ogbologbo
Clan, Mr. Solomon Harrison that at the
time of issuing this press statement, the
entire Okarki community is tense because
the military was in the community
intimidating villagers all through the night
and shot sporadically into the community.

The IYC is at a lost as to the justification
for the military impunity in Okarki
Community. The military is behaving as if
the Ijaw people of Okarki are not human
beings. Our people are been treated like
animals that must be killed with impunity.

“The IYC has always known the
unprofessional attitude of the Nigerian
military, hence we have been advocating
against military action in the Niger Delta
region. From our experience, innocent
people like the victims in this case are
always at the receiving end of any military
action instead of the supposed criminals
that the military ought to go after.

We strongly condemn this barbaric and
criminal conduct of officers of the Nigerian
military and call on all lovers of humanity
to join in condemnation of this action. We
also demand for the military officers who
carried out this extra judicial murder to be
brought to justice. President Buhari’s
government claim to the rule of law is on
trial. The IYC sympathize with the Izu and
Osuekina families who lost their loved
ones, the people of Okarki Community and
Ediro/Ogbologolo Clan. We shall stand
with them in this trying times and ensure
that those who killed Joseph Izu and Oko
Osuekina are brought to justice.”
Izu Joseph warming up to come in

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