Man Sacrifices TWO OF HIS CHILDREN To His Dead Father By Strangling Them To Death


Physinews:A 35-year-old Thomas Matthew who lived at
Mountain village opposite Dantata Camp,
Asokoro, Abuja, claims his late
father initiated him into an occult group. He
also claimed that his father appeared to him
and commanded him to sacrifice his children
to him on different occasions. On October
7th, Mathew found fault with his wife, Bola,
who is deaf and dumb, beat her up,
then chased her out of the house.

He had previously killed their 2 month old
son by strangling him to death last year and
October 7th, 2016, he strangled their histories
four-month-old daughter, Mary Matthew to

According to the Commissioner of Police, of
the Federal Capital Territory Police
Command, Mr. Mohammed Mustafa the
suspect was apprehended this time after his
wife made a report at the Police station that
he had killed their baby.
The wife also explained that he had tried to
kill their 9 year old son in the past and
luckily she caught him in the act then sent
her son away to her mother's home for him
to be taken care of there.
with the help of a sign language expert, the
wife, Bola, recalled how the suspect tried to
kill their first son.
She said:

“I didn’t know that my husband is a
cultist. I remember when he first tried
to kill our first son, I reported the
matter at the Garki Police Station. It
was my mother who took the boy
away from the house and he is still
staying with her in Mararaba,
Nasarawa State. Then I had another
son last year. When he was two
months old, he became sick. My
husband killed him in September 2015.
I didn’t know until he confessed. This
year I had our daughter.
In the night of October 7, 2016, we
were together in the house when
suddenly he started beating me. I got
injured and ran away to his elder
sister’s house. Before I came back
with his sister, he had strangled our
baby to death. He locked the door and
ran away. It was policemen from
Asokoro Police Station, where I
reported the case that broke the door
and found the baby. We rushed the
baby to Asokoro General Hospital. The
doctor said the baby was dead. Now I
have only one son left, Josiah
Matthew. It was only God who saved
me from the power of darkness.”
when interrogated, Matthew who hails from
Kwande Local Government Area, Benue State

“I got married to my wife, Bola, and
we were blessed with three kids. My
father is a cultist and he initiated me
into the occult. My father asked me to
offer the children as sacrifice and
mark of honour to him, promising he
would make me become rich.
“It was a covenant that nobody knew,
even my wife. My father gave me
conditions that if anybody got to
know or I revealed the covenant, that
the covenant would be destroyed.
From the time I had my first child, my
father began disturbing me to offer
my child to him as a sacrifice.

“I tried to kill my first child by
strangling, but my wife caught me and
reported to the police and her mother
came to take the child away from the
house. He has been staying with her
in Mararaba, Nasarawa State.
Later my father appeared to me after I
had my second son, John, who
became sick. I strangled him to death
in 2015. On October 7, 2016, my
father appeared to me again that I
should kill my only daughter. I was
with my wife and then I started
beating her and she ran away to my
elder sister’s house and I locked the
door and strangulated my four-month-
old baby girl and she died.
I locked the entrance of the house and
ran away. It was the youth in my area
that arrested me and handed me over
to the police. I wanted to kill my
younger brother according to my
father’s instruction. My father is still
alive and he is in the village in Benue

The police commissioner who confirmed the
incident said the suspect would be charged
to court soon.

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