Man Kept Wife and Children Corpse For 7 Years Thinking They Will Wakes One Day

Physinews: Residents of Ndaluni village in Kitui County are trying to come to terms with the shocking revelation that their neighbour has lived with the corpses of his wife and child for three years.

The man, Kitu Munyoki, was yesterday arrested by the police and locked up.
It is suspected that the two died at different times, but the husband chose to “store” the bodies claiming that they would resurrect after seven years.

He told the police that the child died in 2013 while his wife died in early 2014.

When we visited Munyoki at Migwani police station where he is being held, he was composed and answered questions without showing any emotions.

“I was following instructions from my late wife that I should not bury her but wait for seven years as she would resurrect. If it was you who was given such instructions, what would you have done?” he asked.
The macabre discovery was made on Friday when Munyoki’s mother-in-law, Pauline Ndunge, travelled from her Tala home in Machakos County to the village to find out the whereabouts of his daughter.
Ndunge said she communicated with her daughter last in 2013 when she visited the family soon after she had given birth. Since then, all efforts to find out how she was doing were thwarted by Munyoki.
“Whenever I called him and demanded to speak to her, he would claim she had refused to talk to me. He would then disconnect the call,” Ndunge said.
On Friday, she called him and he disconnected the call. That irked the mother of 10 and she decided to travel to his home. She first went to Munyoki’s mother’s homestead and the two women visited the man at his home. On inquiring about the whereabouts of Ndila, Munyoki’s wife, the man urged them to follow him to one of his dilapidated houses which has served as makeshift mortuary.
“He opened the door, walked straight in and without flinching, dusted the body of my daughter on the face. He then said, ‘look, here she is, you can talk to her’,” Ndunge said.
At another corner lay the body of the child which was also well preserved.
Munyoki and Ndila had been married for 11 years. It is then that the two women, who were on the verge of fainting, informed the area chief who then called the police from Migwani.
The officers collected the bodies and took them to Migwani Sub-county Hospital Mortuary. But more shock awaited Ndunge, Ndila’s mother, when she went to the mortuary to see the two bodies yesterday.
“On coming out he (Munyoki) asked me what I had discussed with my daughter. He then demanded I buy him food. Is he normal?” wondered Ndunge.

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