Lady Beats Man That Stole Her Phones In ABank In Ibadan (Photos)

Physinews: Pics: Lady Beats The Hell Out Of A Man That
Stole Her Phones In A Bank In Ibadan in Nigeria
I usually mind my business on a norm but feel
people can learn one or two from this, so
thought of sharing.

So it happened that I was in the banking hall
this morning in Ibadan and suddenly heard this
thunderous sound... Looking back I saw this
fair skinned lady slapping and head booting
this young man that looked very innocent.
"What did I do, what did I do?", the young man
kept asking, maintaining his innocence.
The lady who was already crying and
screaming gave him a hot slap again, he
staggered and lost his innocence saying "is it
because I helped you, is it because I helped
you to charge your phones and dint see you
again". The bank management intervened,
trying to separate them, but the lady won't let
go. She kept head booting the young man,
screaming and crying. I'm like wow, this lady is
Eventually, she lost grip after being assured the
man can't escape and finally proceed to shed
light on what transpired between them as we
wait with bated breath.
According to her, she was trying to charge her
phones (an iPhone, iPad and a blackberry) as
a boss woman, while in the church but met Mr
Innocent there also charging, she was going to
attend to someone and gave him the gadgets
to plug and charge for her. But to her surprised
on getting back Mr Innocent had disappeared,
no where to be found.
She said she told the church what happened
and the pastor chastised her for her actions,
trusting Mr innocent she doesn't know from
Adam with all the expensive gadgets.
And to add salt to injury, Mr innocent has been
making contacts with her phone contacts on
Whatsapp, disguising as her, asking them for
money and duping them, tarnishing her image.
Hence the heavy slaps and head-boots she
rained on him to teach him a lesson for all the
pains he's put her through since the
Asked if there was any tracking device on any
of the gadgets on how she knew Mr Innocent
was at that branch of the bank at the moment,
she said she only came with her dad to report
fraudulent activities on her bank account as it
seemed Mr innocent was also transferring
funds from her account to via mobile banking
on one of the phones.
She went on her knees, praising and thanking
God for helping her to see him today, she also
started dancing shoki to my surprise when the
police came and handcuffed Mr Innocent who
already lost his innocence at the time.

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