Kenyan Lady DRIVERS Falls Unconscious After Taking Flier In Traffic (photos)

Physinews:Kenyan Lady Driver Falls Unconscious After Taking Flier in Traffic (Photos)
It appears Kenya’s cons and criminals are upgrading their tactics with each passing day.
The next time a stranger approaches you with a flier advertising a business or a service, you might want to think twice.

This after a case of a drugged lady went viral on social media much to the shock of internet users.

As the story goes, the unidentified lady received a flier while stuck in traffic along Uhuru Highway and fell unconscious moments later. It is alleged the flier was laced with a drug that rendered her unconscious.

Fortunately for her, she was saved by police officers.

This was the post shared by Sandrah Njoki on Facebook:

“The lady below received a Flier while on Uhuru Highway and immediately got dizzy and fainted. Luckily for her, Police Officers were along the road, noticed her distress and were on hand to help her through the ordeal.”

Photos Credit: Sandrah Njoki/Nairobi Wire


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