HEALTH IS WEALTH: 10 Evidence-Based Medicinal Properties of Coconut Oil


Physinews Daily health tips: Coconut oil has become increasingly popular in recent times as more and more people discover for themselves the kind of positive impact that its consumption can have upon their health. One thing that has emerged consistently in the many studies done is that all fats are not created equal and that the fat in coconut oil is actually some of the healthiest on earth. Below are ten evidence-based medicinal properties of coconut oil that make it such a miracle food.

Reduces Abdominal Fat
More medical professionals believe that the amount of abdominal fat a person has is a better predictor for heart disease and other health problem than weight. Studies show that coconut oil, however, is able to speed up the body’s ability to burn off abdominal fat and reduce the risk of serious health conditions.

Supports Neurological Health

A study published in the peer-reviewed journal Neurobiology of Aging found that medium chain fatty acids, the kind of fat found in coconut oil, when given to patients with early Alzheimer’s disease showed a significant improvement in cognitive abilities.

Eliminates Head Lice

When combined with an anise-based natural spray, coconut oil was found to be more effective than the chemical premethrin at eliminating head lice and is much safer for use on children.

Heals Wounds

Several studies had uncovered the ways in which coconut oil can help with wound healing. This includes stimulating epithelialization, boosts the activity of antioxidant enzymes and promoting higher levels of collagen in the tissue under repair. This translates to more effective healing of a wound.

Treats Inflammatory Conditions

Research has found the regular use of coconut oil to be as effective as NSAID’s (like ibuprofen) at treating chronic inflammation and pain of conditions like arthritis.

Protects Stomach Lining from Ulcers

Coconut milk (which contains coconut oil) has been shown to be as effective at as the traditional medicine sucralfate at protecting the lining of the stomach from ulceration.

Kills Fungus

In one Canadian study, 52 different strains of the yeast Candida were exposed to coconut oil and all were found to be susceptible, especially Candida albicans, which is responsible for human yeast infection of the mouth or v**ina.

Increases Testosterone

In one experiment on laboratory rats, a diet containing coconut oil was found to decrease oxidative damage in the testes of rates and thus to boost the production of testosterone.

Reduces BPH

Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) is the enlargement of the prostate gland and effects roughly half of men over 50. Coconut oil has proven its ability to reduce the swelling of the prostate in laboratory rats.

These studies have shown that, while more research is still needed, that the potential for coconut oil to treat a number of conditions seems promising and that the health benefits of consuming it regularly are nothing short of amazing.

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