End - Time: Abuja Pastor Fingered In Sex Scandal With Church Member



Nigerian churches have a way of immersing themselves into scandals and controversies. The pastors and prophets are always entangled in love webs, exploiting innocent and unsuspecting men and women who look up to them with utmost respect for direction. If they are not sleeping and taking advantage of the women in their congregation (especially those that are deemed vulnerable), they are obtaining money (and other material things) from the men by false pretence. These stories have left some of us with bad tastes in our mouth as we wonder what Nigerian churches have turned into.

After several reports and complaints by men and women alike, an investigation into the life of Prophet Graham Chukwunoso Jacobs of Ruach Gospel Centre located at Shabak Centre, No. 43 Ajose Adeogun Street, Utako by Peace Mass Transit has revealed so much filth and dishonour. On Saturday, I met with a "heartbroken" Ms Anita (not her real name), a single woman in her early 30s and a member of Prophet Graham Chuwkunonso Jacobs' church. She gave me a breakdown of her ordeal with this agent of doom and it was an utterly displeasing encounter.

Her story:

"Prophet Graham Chukwunonso Jacobs and I started talking sometime in June this year. He started off as a really nice man especially as I attended his church. We got really close and we kept in touch. He called me frequently and I kept returning the gesture. As nature would have it, we started developing feelings for each other (or so I thought). He told me stories of how he was a virgin and has never been with a woman before. I found this very rare and cute yet believable.

I believe this was because of his disposition and my view of him as a prophet. As we got into July, our discussions began to get more intense and we started talking marriage. As is the norm with unsuspecting women and our perception of supposed "men of God", I immediately let down my defences. I had been celibate for so long (a year and 8 months) and in my mind, I was waiting for the one God was going to send to me. All this while, he had never visited me at home until the 12th of August.

On that fateful day and with all the excitement, we got really intimate but we did not have sex. He kept ringing how he wanted me to be his wife and this got me falling the more for him. On the 17th of August, Prophet Graham again visited, this time we could not hold ourselves anymore and we eventually had sex. He acted like a virgin all through our lovemaking, giving me the impression that he had not done this before and did not know what to do. I kept giving him directions.

He really got me with this and my feelings for him began to deepen. Something surprising happened two days later when he visited. He came knocking and as I opened the door, he grabbed me, turned me over and started making love to me. He did things to me that you would only see in Karma Sutra videos and this got me thinking. After the episode, I got worried that I had been lied to and I confronted him, questioning him on his mannerism and the level of skill he showed while we made love. He answered me saying he had started watching porn and had learnt a thing or two within the past two days.

As naive as I was and clouded by my feelings for him, I believed him. Our lovemaking became a regular thing. The relationship went well until September 9th which was a day before his birthday. Prophet Jacobs knew my itinerary and he normally would just show up at my door. On that fateful eve of his birthday, he showed up at my house at around 10pm, went on his knees, held my legs and kept saying he was sorry. I was confused at the time. I kept asking for what but he kept saying he was sorry.

I started thinking he was apologizing for not picking my calls the day before and I told him it was ok. He got up and I asked him if he was spending the night as the next day was his birthday and he replied saying he could not spend the night as he had to get home by 12am to be with his mum and sisters as it had become a tradition to pray for him on his birthday.

I pleaded with him frantically because I wanted to surprise him but he was adamant. I then tried to sway him by insisting that I was not going to make love to him since he was leaving. He kept begging and as I was not as stubborn as he was, I gave in and we made love. As it clocked 11:30pm, he got off saying he had to go.

I tried to persuade him to stay till 12 so that I can at least wish him a happy birthday as I had prepared a surprise for him. He still declined and seeing how determined he was to leave, I gave up. He opened the door and as he walked out, he told me not to walk him out insisting that it was late.

That made little sense because I always walked him out whenever he was leaving so it felt strange that he insisted I stayed indoors. I eventually agreed but dissatisfied with his actions that night so I ran to my kitchen to look out the window as I felt something was amiss. I was startled to see him drive by with a white Range rover because I knew he had a hummer and a hilux. I had to rush out to ask the security man to confirm what I saw and he confirmed that he was the one who drove off in a white Range rover.

Minutes later, he called and when I asked who the white Range rover belonged to, he replied saying it belonged to his friend, Martins Mbaka. We spoke till about 11:55 and then he hangs up abruptly. All efforts to reach him on phone proved abortive as he did not pick his calls anymore. I became saddened because I had not even wished him a happy birthday. Coincidentally, I was moving houses that same week which lasted for four days. I kept calling for hours and when I realized he was not going to pick up no matter how many times I called, I sent him birthday wishes through whatsapp.

I continued calling in the morning until about 8am when he finally picked. After wishing him a happy birthday, I asked him what happened. He told me as soon as he got home, he saw him mum and sisters waiting for him and they got into prayers immediately. All through that day, I did not see or hear from him till evening. I was busy trying to move my things to the new house so I got carried away a bit.

When he eventually called, we spoke for some time before he hung up. I finished what I had to do at about 8pm and then I tried to reach him by 9pm hoping we could spend some time together to celebrate his birthday. To my greatest surprise, he picked up asking "who is this". I kept saying "baby" and he kept asking "who are you? This is Prophet Graham C.N. Jacobs, I do not know you". Hurt as I was, I hung up and sent him a really sober text and minutes later, he called saying he was sorry.

At this point, I became extremely confused. He then sold me a lie of how he was with the assistant pastor of the church, the wife and some elders of the church discussing on the choice of tent they wanted to buy for the church. He then explained that the assistant pastor was with his phone looking at pictures of some tents he had downloaded when my text came in.

According to him, the assistant pastor mistakenly opened the SMS and read it, then passed it to his wife who also read it and was passed the elders who also helped themselves. he continued his story of how the assistant pastor and the elders got angry amidst the feeling of betrayal because he did not inform them that he was in a relationship. they subsequently stormed out of the meeting.

He stayed on the phone with me till almost 3am pleading that he wanted to put me on a conference call to which he would ask three questions: "Do I know you", "are we in a relationship" and "have I ever been to your house" to which I should answer No to all of them. I declined because I felt it was very stupid. After much pleading, I agreed but to my greatest surprise, instead of him to put me on a conference call, he started recording our conversation while asking me the questions.

I hung up immediately. He immediately called back and pleaded that they were not reachable, that was why he was recording so that he could play it back for them. I was already fed up with the drama and so I just gave him what he wanted and hung up.

From that day, he never visited me again. He started keeping his distance and barely called although we would see in church till I noticed I was pregnant. I have tried reaching him since then and he has been very evasive. I had no other option than to meet the elders of the church and after narrating my story to them, they summoned him for different meetings and up till now, he has declined to respond. This is very painful as I do not know what next to do. I feel really betrayed and used by a "supposed" man of God. I am at crossroads at the moment and the trauma I have suffered since the his real mission came to the fore has been huge".

Anita's narrative is just one in a long line of criminal acts by Prophet Graham C.N. Jacobs who has been accused of dating married women in his church, rape, obtaining by false pretence and fetish activities. There is also a case of one Mrs. Lotanna who has been ruthlessly swindled by this conman in the name of being a man of God. Even the white Range rover belongs to the husband of someone he is dating and was not given to him by the so called Martins but his wife, who is also in a love affair with the Prophet. However, in our next episode, we will be interviewing a rape victim. This particular case is currently being investigated by the Police and major evidence points to the fact that the so called Prophet is a criminal. It is very sad that our churches have become houses of immorality with the leaders playing the lead roles.

Ikechukwu Okoye investigates and writes from Abuja.

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