A CLERK From Magistrate Court Caught Breaking a Shop

Physinews: A certain Unobi (other names withheld), the Clerk of the Otukpo Magistrate Court 1 has been arrested by Vigilante in Otukpo after he reportedly broke into a provision store located at Otiya F number 11 Otukpo, and stole a crate of soft drink, Chivita pineapple juice and some sachets of Hollandia milk.

According to IDOMA VOICE the accused claimed the owner of the shop owed him a balance of N780 but refused to give him back, which provoked him to break into the store to collect the items.
The clerk admitted taking the items without the owner’s prior knowledge Friday night.

Mr. Ashaga, owner of the store, however denied ever owing the accused any money.

"I don't owe him anything, if I am to owe him, he came to my shop this morning to buy cigarette but never said a word about what he did until I discovered that he was the one who broke into my shop last night because he forgot one of his foot wears inside the shop,"

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