20-year-old Missing Kenyan FemaleStudent Found Dead At Construction Site (pics)

Physinews: A lifeless body of a female student was
discovered five days after she disappeared
while attending a party in Juja.

The 20-year-old Tabitha Wamiru Wachuka
reportedly disappeared on Saturday October, 8
but her body was discovered floating in a septic
tank on Thursday, October 13.

Reports indicate she was among her friends
who were attending a birthday party at Juja
before she went missing.

The party came to a halt after police officers
stormed the house, causing the students to
scamper away some jumping from the 4th floor

A witness who was with the deceased during
the commotion said they only realized she was
missing after they regrouped at around 12:00

There were several posts on social media
regarding her disappearance, many asking for
help to trace her location.

She went missing and her body was discovered
five days later floating in a septic tank at a
construction site in Juja.

It is not known how she died, some indicating
she was murdered or maybe she slipped into
the tank while running from the police at the

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