Two Notorious Female Thieves Nabbed In Akwa Ibom Nigeria Stripped Naked

Physinews Reports: Nemesis finally caught up with two alleged
female thieves, who specialized in robbing
shops, supermarket, boutiques and restaurants
in Akwa Ibom State under the pretence of
wanting to buy goods. The suspects identified
as Grace Ekpo and Mfon Daniel from Itiam Ikot

Ebia, Uyo Local Government, were nabbed by
some members of the public and handed over
to men of the Akwa Ibom Police Command last
Thursday, shortly after robbing a boutique
located at No. 15 Ekpo Obot Street.
Narrating her ordeal, the sales girl Imaobong
Isaiah said:"The two girls enter my shop on a
pretence to buy from me but after picking all
the costly female hand bags, shoes, men gens,
hand watches and cloths worth forty-five
thousand naira; instead of them to pay for what
they have bought, they sent me to go and buy
them drinks. So, I went to buy drinks for them
at the nearby shop. As I returned, I met them
making calls, and immediately their operational
Keke man who was on a standby to pick them
came and the went inside the Keke with all my
cloths without paying. So, I tell them to give me
my cloths, they refused. So, I started shouting,
help! Thief! Thief! But the Keke man had
already moved. As God would like it, luck ran
out on them, the people around and people
using car pursued them and caught them."
The Female Suspect

On interrogation, the suspects admitted to
being involved in all kinds of robbery.

"When we entered people shop, anything you
sale we will pack the most costly ones; after
which we will asked you to get us water or
send you on an errand, that will make us run
away with the goods without paying for it. We
rob women in Keke, we pick recharge card bags
and anything that would fetch us quick money."

Women too are now stealing. God help Nigeria. God Save The World

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