Three Women Killed In Attack On Kenya Police Station

Physinews Reports: Three women have been reported dead after
they staged an attack on the main police
station in the Kenya port city of Mombasa.
The women, wearing hijabs, entered the station
saying they wanted to report a stolen phone.

Afterwards, one of them pulled a knife and
another threw a petrol bomb, which started a
fire, leaving left two officers injured but none
After being shot, the police recovered two
bullet-proof jackets and an unused petrol
bomb, from the dead suspects
Although It was not initially clear who was
behind the attack, it was later attributed to
Islamist group, Al-shabaab, who have staged
numerous attacks in Kenya.
According to the police, while being shot, the
women were heard reciting the Arabic slogan,
‘Allahu Akbar’ while claiming allegiance to Al-
“Even as police fired bullets at them, they did
not run. They shouted until bullets felled them
down,” an officer said.
Two separate police sources have also
confirmed that a woman who had housed the
suspects the night before the attack, had been
The Somali-based group was said to have
been targeting Kenya since 2011, when Kenyan
troops were deployed to rid Somalia of the

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