Suspect device blown up as five held over New York bomb

Physinews Reports: We Reports a blast at new York some hours ago if you missed the Report  ===> CLICK HERE >>>> To Read , In Today's Reports A suspicious package found near a train
station in New Jersey has been blown up by
police as five men are questioned over the
bomb attack in New York.

The controlled explosion was carried out in
the city of New Jersey after the suspect
device in a backpack was found by two men
in a bin.

Meanwhile, it has been reported the bomb
that detonated in Manhattan and another
device found nearby were both shrapnel-
filled pressure cookers, similar to those used
in the deadly attack on the Boston Marathon
in 2013.

As part of the investigation into Saturday's
bombing the authorities say FBI agents
pulled over a car on a road in Brooklyn and
are questioning the vehicle's occupants.

FBI spokeswoman Kelly Langmesser
said agents stopped "a vehicle of interest in
the investigation" at 8.45pm local
time on Sunday.
She declined to provide further details, but a
government official and a law enforcement
official briefed on the investigation told the
Associated Press five people in the car were
being questioned at an FBI building in Lower

The area in New Jersey where the device was found has been cordoned off
Work is continuing to find out if the explosion
and an the unexploded device found just
streets away is linked to a pipe bomb that
exploded in New Jersey earlier that day.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, touring the site of
the explosion in Manhattan's Chelsea
neighbourhood, said there did not appear to
be any link to international terrorism.
He said the second device appeared to be
"similar in design" to the first, but did not
provide any more details.

"We're going to be very careful and patient to
get to the full truth here," Mayor Bill de Blasio

"We have more work to do to be able to say
what kind of motivation was behind this.
"Was it a political motivation? A personal
motivation? What was it? We do not know
that yet."

Mobile phones were found at the site of both
the New York and New Jersey bombings, but
no Tannerite residue was detected in the
remnants of the latter, the official said,
adding a black powder was discovered.

Authorities said the Manhattan blast and the
explosion in New Jersey at the site of a
charity race to benefit Marines and
sailors did not appear to be connected,
although they also said they were not ruling
anything out.
The event in Seaside Park was cancelled and
no one was injured.

Officials have not revealed any details about
the makeup of the pressure-cooker device,
only to say that it had wires and a phone
attached to it.

Technicians are now examining evidence
from the Manhattan bombing, which was
described by witnesses as a deafening blast
that shattered windows and hit bystanders
with shrapnel.
All of those who were injured by the
explosion had been released from hospital by
Sunday afternoon.

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