Say Goodbye To Your Kidney Stones With Half A Cup Of This Drink

Physinews Daily Reports: In America alone it is estimated that
there are about 26 million people with
kidney disease and 1 in 3 American
adults are at risk of developing kidney
It is also believed that kidney disease kills
more Americans than prostate and breast

One major kidney condition is known as
kidney stones.
These are usually small, hard deposits made
from mineral and acid salt that are formed
in the kidneys and they are known to cause
major problems for the kidneys.
What Causes Kidney Stones
Kidney stones are caused by some of the
following factors;
– Too much meat consumption
– Dehydration and insufficient fluid
– Poor intake of vegetables
When a person’s urine has a high amount of
crystal-forming substances such as uric
acid, oxalate and calcium than the urine
fluid can dissolve then the person is at risk
of having kidney stones.
Potassium citrate is effective in the
treatment of kidney stones and lemons are
especially useful as they are packed full of
naturally occurring citrate.
Lemon therapy is recommended by medical
experts for people with a high propensity to
develop kidney stones.
Citric Acid Is Effective
Against Kidney Stones
Citric acid will dissolve the kidney stones
that are beginning to form. So the more
citric acid that is in your urine the better
protected you are against the formation of
kidney stones.
The citric acid will dissolve the small stones
stopping them from becoming larger stones,
it does this by coating these stones and
thereby preventing the attachment of other
materials to the stones that causes them to
grow big.

Lemons are a much more affordable and
cost effective way of getting potassium
citrate into your body as they are loaded
with this mineral that can dissolve kidney
stones. If you want to go the conventional
route you will need at least 12 tablets daily
and this will be expensive.

You Can Boost The Health Of Your Kidneys
With Just Half A Cup Of This Health Drink
– Just drink 4 ounces of pure lemon juice
– You can also drink about 32 ounces of
fresh lemonade.
– When you drink this volume of citric acid
naturally you will get about the same
amount in a pharmacological treatment.
– Mix 2 oz. of lemon juice with about 6 oz.
of clean drinking water.
– Consume this solution twice daily.
– Drink it in the morning before breakfast
and any meal and in the evening before

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