Photo:Two Lives Claimed In Ship Rams Crushes In Germany

Physinews Reports: Two crew members have been killed after a
cruise ship rammed into a bridge in southern
Police said the driver's cabin was crushed
under the rail bridge, killing the 49-year-old

at the wheel and a 33-year-old sailor.
The other 47 crew members and 181
passengers were unhurt.
The boat had just left the town of the
Erlangen and was travelling along the Main
Danube Canal when the crash occurred in the
early hours of Sunday morning.
It was en route to the Hungarian
capital Budapest.
Police said they are still investigating the
cause of the crash.
"For reasons not known so far the driver's
cabin of the ship collided with a bridge, and
two crew members, 33 and 49-years-old,
were killed," police spokesman Michael
Petzold said.
"The two men had to be freed with heavy
equipment by firefighters."
Passengers were forced to remain on the
ship for several hours while rescue teams
worked to extend a rescue bridge.
See the ship photo below

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