Photos: US politician wins election after killing himself

Bill Nojay was facing fraud charges in Cambodia.
Physinews Reports: A Republican politician has won a primary
election in the US, days after killing himself.

Bill Nojay, 59, has been picked by voters to

represent the party in the New York State
Assembly's 133rd District in November -
despite shooting himself in front of a police
officer in Rochester on Friday.

The vocal campaigner for gun rights and
Donald Trump was reportedly under scrutiny
from the FBI, and facing a fraud trial in

His election means that local Republican
leaders, who encouraged voters to back Mr
Nojay despite his death, will now pick
someone to take on Democrat challenger
Barbara Baer in November.

"I really don't know what to say," said Mr
Nojay's Republican rival, Richard Milne.

"It's such an unusual situation."

While hoping that county Republican leaders
put him on the ballot, Mr Milne was critical of
the "powers that be".

"They really did some things in the past few
days that were in poor taste in my opinion to
sway the vote," he said.

"I really believe we would have fared better
with Mr Nojay still alive."
According to unofficial results, Mr Milne was
trailing by nearly 1,000 of the 4,500 votes

Mr Nojay (C) shot himself in front of a police officer.
Father-of-three Mr Nojay was elected to the
Assembly in 2012, representing a district that
covers parts of Rochester and the Finger
Lakes area.

He backed Mr Trump when the
Republican presidential candidate previously
considered running for governor of New York,
and criticised stronger gun control laws
introduced after the Sandy Hook school

He also presented a conservative talk radio

Authorities have not discussed what might
have driven him to take his own life, but
according to local media reports in
Rochester, he was due to surrender to the FBI
to face fraud charges on the afternoon he

He shot himself at his family's cemetery plot
in Rochester near his brother's grave.

He was also facing trial in Cambodia on fraud
charges, accused with two other men of
cheating an investor of $1m in a proposed
rice exporting business.

Mr Nojay denied any wrongdoing, saying: "All
the people I've worked with have been
honourable people, but again, some of them
have done well, and some of them have

"That's just the nature of small business
work," he told Rochester's WHAM radio the
day before he died.

Posthumous elections are rare, but not
unheard of.

Since 1962, four people who passed
away close to election day have been elected
to the US House of Representatives.

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