Pandemonium As Female Student Turns Into Snake After Being Dropped By A Nigerian

Physinews Reports: There was pandemonium at the University of
Kwazulu Natal(UKZN) Howard Campus on
Wednesday night after a female student(name
withheld) turned into a huge snake shortly after
being dropped off at her hostel residence by a
suspected Nigerian Blesser.

One of the victim’s buddies who witnessed
“It all happened in a flash, she disembarked
from the flashy BMX x6 and I saw her going to
her room. I followed her to her room as I
wanted to hear how her date was like when
blood curling screams stopped me dead in my
tracks. I quickly recovered and kicked the door
open and up to now I don’t believe what I
witness with my two eyes. She turned into a
reptile on her bed, right before my very own

We are told that the ‘snake’ slithered away from
the hostel room as befuddled and bedazzled
spectators watched in utter disbelief- into the
nearby bushes and that was the end of it.

The University authorities have given strict
warnings to their female students about
hanging out with blessers but they conceded
that at the end of the day these are adults and
the decisions of who to associate with,
ultimately rests with the individual.

Reached for a comment, KwaZulu-Natal police
spokesperson, Eugene Msomi said a case
docket will be opened and the unusual
occurrence would be investigated right to the
end though he admitted that they were in a bit
of a quandary as to how best proceed with the
case as it fell outside the normal scope of their

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