Muslim Woman Raped For Eating Beef

Physinews Reports: An Indian woman has alleged she was gang
raped in northern Haryana state, after her
attackers accused her of eating beef because
she was Muslim. Many Hindus consider cows
sacred and the slaughter of the animal is
banned in several states, including Haryana.

According to BBC, the woman, 20, said the four
men brutally raped her and her 14-year-old
cousin two weeks ago, even though they had
denied consuming beef. She said the men also
beat her uncle and aunt to death in their home
in Mewat, a Muslim dominated district.

The suspects have been arrested and charged
with rape and murder. Although the alleged
rape took place two weeks ago, news of the
incident has only just come out.

“They (the accused men) said that we ate cow
meat and that is why we were being disgraced
[raped]. They even threatened to kill me and
my family if we ever told anybody what
happened to us” the woman told BBC Urdu.

Mewat district, located 100km (62 miles) from
the Indian capital Delhi, recently made
headlines after a senior official told reporters
that police would check dishes of mutton
biryani to ensure they do not contain beef.

“The Muslim community is in shock and they
are really scared because such a horrific
attack has never happened in our area,”
Ramzan Chaudhary, a Muslim community
leader in Mewat, said. Some were of the
opinion that the attack was planned to create
a rift between the Hindu and Muslim

“We have never had any religious tensions
here since independence. People (Hindus and
Muslims) have always lived in peace in this
area. It’s possible that this incident was
planned to create religious tensions in the
area,” Abid Khan, a member of the Mewat Bar
Association, said.

Haryana state’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party
(BJP) has dismissed the theories that the
women were raped with a view to creating
religious tensions in the area.

“This is not about Hindus or Muslims. The
people who are responsible for this incident
will be punished and it doesn’t matter which
community they belong to,” BJP leader
Chaudhary Aurangzeb told reporters.

Rape and gender crimes have been in the
spotlight in India in recent years after the
brutal gang rape and murder of a student in
2012 in Delhi. In response, tough new anti-
rape laws were introduced in the country.

However, brutal sexual attacks against women
and children continue to be reported across
the country.

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