Man Exchanges Two Siblings For Bags Of Rice

Physinews Reports: An unidentified middle-aged man,
Wednesday, abducted two siblings, who were
returning from extra-moral class in Satellite
area of Lagos. Thereafter, he exchanged them
for two bags of rice in a shop at 63, Marwa
Road, near Chemist Bus Stop.

The children are aged eight and 13.It was
gathered that at the shop, the abductor told the
sales girl that he would like to take two bags of
rice to the mother of the children, whom he
claimed owned a restaurant close-by, to
ascertain whether the rice was the brand she

Speaking with Vanguard last night, owner of
the shop, Mrs Silverline, explained that “he (the
abductor) told my sales girl that the mother of
the children needed Indian rice, but my sales
girl told him that what we had was Brazilian
rice and that it was good.

“Thereafter, he made a phone call to someone
he claimed was the mother of the children and
at the end said he would like to take the bags
of rice to the woman. But my girl insisted on
following him to collect the money for the bags
(N40,000) should the woman agree to buy

“The stranger said he would ride on a
motorcycle with the bags of rice, while my girl
followed with the children on foot. But on
reaching the purported restaurant, the owner
said she never saw any one with bags of rice,
neither did she admit knowing the children.“

They walked to Ijegun end of Satellite without
any sight of the abductor. When we asked the
children about him, they said that the abductor
was not their father.”

An eyewitness, Ifeoma John, said that
immediately the abductor left with the bags
ofrice, a man who claimed to be the biological
father of thechildren, arrived, alleging thathis
children could have been hypnotised by the

He contacted policemen from Satellite Division,
who took everyone involved to thestation, from
where the children were released to their

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