Herbalists Strip Woman Naked, Kill Husband And Friend With A Knife(Ph0t0)

Physinews Reports: In Ogun State,Two Friends Wasiu Balogun
and Wale Aderinto were murdered by two
brothers Quadri and Adam who were
herbalists, after wasiu and his friend
confronted them for beating up his wife.
According punch metro, the whole issue
started when Kabirat a teenage girl who is
also the sister to the harbalists was scolded

by wasiu's wife for not greeting her elders
after she met them in a house, Kabirat left
angry, few minutes later, her brothers came
and started beating up Mutiat( the wife of
Wasiu, eventually stripped her naked,
neighbors tried to intervene but were
threatened to use charms on anyone who
comes close.
When Wasiu and his friend returned from
work, they learnt of the incident, got
annoyed and left for the house of Quadri and
Adam, that was how to ended up being
stabbed to death with a poisonous knife.
Read the wife statement below.
“There was no fight on that Tuesday.
girl came to our house and ignored
everybody. People in the house scolded her
for it.
“When the girl left, her brothers came some
minutes later. They are herbalists.
father is also a native doctor. They came
with charms and knives. They beat me up.
They stripped me. Neighbors tried to restrain
them, but they threatened them.
“When my husband and his friend came
back from work, he was angry and he went
to their house. They attacked him and his
friend with knives. They were both stabbed
to death.”
also read the statement of a neighbor
He said, “The suspects’ family worships
Osanyin. They were involved in a similar
violence sometime last year, but they were
pardoned. The man and his friend had gone
to talk to them for manhandling his wife.
“The herbalists first attacked the friend, and
when Wasiu held them, they stabbed him
too. It was one of us who reported the matter
at the police station. Wasiu had five children
from his first wife, but I don’t know how
many children Mutiat has for him.”
Kabirat is nowhere to be found as his
brothers were arrested by the

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