GOSH ! Possessed Man Eats Baby Live In Front Of Cameras (PHOTO)

Physinews Reports: RESIDENTS in the township of Tabubil,
Western Province, are cowering in “horror and
fear” after a week-old baby was eaten alive in
front of a shell-shocked crowd, allegedly by
the father. And the shocking act allegedly
continued minutes later at Tabubil police
station last Thursday in front of curious
onlookers, including policemen and the
town’s senior district court magistrate, Patrick

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An eyewitness who is employed by Ok Tedi
Mining Limited told the Post-Courier that the
town is on “red alert”, with residents taking
precautionary measures. He claimed parents
were restricting their children from going
outdoors because of fears that they could
also be targets. “This is the talk of the day on
the streets here. All parent are fearing for the
safety of their children because cannibals are
on the loose here,” the source, who sought
anonymity because of his employer’s media
restrictions, claimed.
“Believe it or not I saw him eating the baby by
piercing its body with his teeth while blood
spilled from his mouth. Everybody watched
him with fear.” Acting Western provincial
police commander Peter Philip confirmed the
horrific act. He said the man entered his
home at Wanbin settlement at around 10pm
and started an argument with his wife who
was nursing the baby.
Chief Insp Philip said after strangling the wife,
he grabbed the child and started bitting its
head, neck and bosom.
“The child was crying in severe pain. The wife
alerted neighbours who attempted
unsuccessfully to take the baby from him
because he was allegedly possessed by evil

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