Fulani Herdsmen Stab A Man With Knife On His Way To Office In Kogi Nigeria( Photos )

Physinews Reports: According to a social media user Isaac who
shared the photos/news,he was attacked by
Fulani herdsmen on the 15th of September on
his way to work.Below is what he wrote.....

'Fulani struck this morning on my way to the
office along Obajana -kabba road .Two  Fulani
pointed gun on me and the other two at the
rear .I stop a while and now use reverse to run
the battle of my life.In the process ,one of the
Fulani men used his long stick with knive to
stab me on my right hand.I ran to road safety
office to get first aid treatment .

Thank God for
the doctors and nurses that were at the federal
road safety office at kabba junction to give me
a comprehensive treatment.I had five stitches
on my right hand.The question is Fulani has a
poisonous knive that when pierced into the
body is dangerous. I have taken tatanus
injection but my fear of their poisonous knife. I
used to have regard for fulani but my respect to
them has seize hence forth as they commit
most of these atrocities on highways'

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