Drug Dealers And Users Punishment Worldwide

Physinews Say No To Drug Trafficking It Leads To Untimely Death
Physinews Reports: DRUG TRAFFICKING: Countries & Penance.
Malaysia - Death Penalty (not negotiable)
China - Death Penalty (Short & simple)
Vietnam (above 1.3 pounds of heroin) - Death
(not negotiable).

Iran - Very Large fine or death penalty.
Thailand - death penalty (No strory)
Dubai - Dealers-death penalty, Users - 4 yrs
imprisonment & deportation,
Saudi Arabia-death penalty (No story)
Singapore-death penalty(dealer or user)
Cambodia - Life imprisonment
Indonesia - Death penalty (not negotiable)
North Korea- Lengthy imprisonment with no
with friends and family.
Philippines - Death penalty (not negotiable)
Turkey - Very Large fines and long prison
Costa Rica - Very long prison sentence
Columbia - long time in very unpleasant prison.
will likely be killed by another prisoner.
Advise yourself, your family members and your
friends against drug trafficking. There is
heroic about being a drug peddler; as your
claim to fame is being responsible for
destroying a
lot of lives in any country you strike and
succeed. And
some countries will not tolerate it. They will put
to pasture when caught. There is nothing cool
been so greedy that your life means nothing to
that you are willing to face a firing squad. An
death. Those clapping for drug peddlers do not
well for them. They are encouraging you to
keep on
doing what will lead to your shameful doom.
Nothing heroic about it.

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