Drama Inside Bus As "#SexStarved" Kenyan Man Ejaculates On Lady's Body"

Physinews Funny Reports: A sexually thirsty man has caused drama in a
Kenyan luxurious bus popularly known as a
"Matatu", after he grinded his manhod on a
woman’s big behind and messed up on her

The man was sexually starved and couldn’t
hold his urge. According to witnesses, While the
man stood behind the woman in the
overcrowded bus, he stylishly grinded his
erected joystick on the woman’s booty hoping
to quench his thirst . But he lost control and
popped his "champagne" on the woman’s
body. He ended up regretting after the woman
embarrassed him in front of other passengers.

Some of the passengers could be heard in the
video saying he should be taken to the police
station while others insisted he should buy her
a new dress first lol...

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